11 Best Holiday Decorated Stores in New York City you can’t miss this Season

A visit to 5th Avenue stores needn’t be all about shopping – the sheer lavishness of the festive decorations is a sight that children will remember forever. Combine a visit to see all the lights and storefront décor with some gingerbread and hot chocolate to warm up with afterward and you’ll have created a little more magic in the lives of kids. Most stores have already unveiled their windows and the displays will go through to the 6th January for most. Wrap up warmly, wear comfortable shoes and set off to enjoy the lights after sunset.

Bergdorf Goodman


Where: 758 5th Ave, NY 10019

The nine windows of Bergdorf Goodman this year depict surreal scenes created using the classic dioramas used in museum exhibits. These are combined with figures to create a fantasy world – there’s the blue lit conservatory with giant grasshoppers and praying mantises surrounding a mannequin dressed in white and gold ready go butterfly collecting. Then there is mannequin in Bohemian clothing perched on a saddle on the back of a hare reminiscent of one of Albrecht Durer’s drawings. Green lighting plays over a forest of cacti creating a Salvador Daliesque feel Then there are the bejeweled primates – but go see for yourself. They are not only surface beautiful but they make you think as any good art piece should.

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