15 Best Places To Travel In The Spring (Take NOTE! Spring break DEALS are on right now!!)

1. Gozalandia Waterfall, San Sebastian, PR

Waterfalls are some of nature’s most spectacular natural spectacular displays — and Puerto Rico is blessed with an abundance of waterfalls. Backpack a couple of days and explore the lush forests of Puerto Rico.
Discover some of the towering waterfalls reaching heights of 500’ or more in the San Cristobal Canyon. Here you will find the majestic three-in-one falls of Salto Doña Juana, El Yunque’s La Coca and La Mina Falls. Juan Diego Falls remain a largely undiscovered secret: as you travel a little past La Coca, you come upon a hidden trail and discover a small trickle of water; follow it just a short distance and be mesmerized as you watch it splash into an exhilarating pool, tucked away from mainstream hikers – that is Gozalandia Waterfall. A cozy little alcove, that is almost imperceptible, can be reached by swimming under the falls. The top rated Parador Villas de Mar Hau are located just 10 miles from Gozalandia Waterfall. While visiting Puerto Rico, don’t forget to snorkel the magnificent coral reefs and kayak the Bio Bay in Vieques to witness the bioluminescence beauty of the single-celled organism, Pyrodinium Bahamense, as it magically creates this amazing glow.

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