15 Great Spots To Enjoy Fall Colors in and around New York

When kids ask why the leaves change color in fall you can tell them that chlorophyll (the green pigment) production stops then the carotenoid pigment that gives the leaves their golden color and the anthocyanin pigment that makes strawberries red have a chance to be unmasked. The chlorophyll kept them hidden all summer! We have included places close to home where you can take little ones in a stroller and more scenic hikes for active youngsters. Upstate New York has some of the most magnificent displays in the US.

1. Alley Pond Park – Queens


Take kids to marvel at the Queens Giant – a tulip tree that is around 134 feet high – the tallest tree in New York, and according to the Parks Department, probably the oldest in the metropolitan area. You will find this tree on the white trail – an official walking trail within the park, but don’t leave out the green trail which has lots of trees to view in all their fall glory. White pine, black oaks, red maples, American beech and Sassafras with their yellow-red colors are just some species that can be seen in this 655-acre park with over 30,000 trees. Stay for a picnic and let the kids use the playgrounds, or perhaps even come here with bicycles and use the cycling trails while you fill your senses with the crisp fall air and brilliant foliage color.

Where: Little Neck Bay, L.I.E., Union Tpk, between Springfield Blvd, Douglaston Pkwy and Hanford St, NYC.
Hours: Alley Ponds Education Center 9 am to 4:30 pm.
Cost: Free.
Contact: (212) 639-9675

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