15 Best Scenic Bike Trips to Take With Kids In and Around Los Angeles

With kids it is essential to start small and move on to longer routes as they become comfortable on their bikes. Many of the routes below can be tailored to suit abilities, making for two wheel adventures outdoors with the opportunity to add in other activities.

1. The strand (aka Marvin Braude) LA Beach bike Path

If beachfront riding for 27 miles with a chance to check out great waves, great scenery, and people appeals then consider the Pacific Palisades to Palos Verdes route. It’s flat so kids will last longer. The route is well maintained BUT the kids should be fairly handy on their bikes as they will have to contend with other cyclists, joggers, roller bladers and power walkers; and be able to take evasive action if needed. The bonus in the summer is being able to stop off somewhere for ice cream or, if they get too hot, to be able to cool off in the ocean before changing back into cycling gear to complete the trip. You can also make the trip as short or as long as you like depending on the ages of the kids and their capabilities.

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