15 Things To Do in San Antonio On a Rainy Day

The Doseum

Get yourself ready for hours of fun and entertainment at The Doseum. It’s a museum devoted solely to children, is open daily and is a bright, fun, creative and interactive experience. Kids are encouraged to touch, feel, build, design, draw, grow, cook and get downright involved from the minute they walk in the door. There are several exhibits that have a science, math or technology theme, there are interactive laboratories, robots, a puppet parade, and an ADA-accessible tree house. On sunny days there are water exhibits outdoors as well as outdoor play equipment but there are also over 26 thousand square feet of indoor exhibits and equipment. There are reading sessions and music sessions, art projects and movies, all under one enormous roof, safe and sound and totally mind-blowing for kids. Parents won’t be unhappy either, the museum is innovative for all. Check the website for opening times and details.

Where: 2800 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 212-4453

The San Antonio Aquarium

We love aquariums and are pretty sure you will love this one too. The San Antonio Aquarium is a perfect place for a family outing, is an interactive experience and kids, teens and adults all love it here. The jellyfish are always a big hit as the seahorses which are something quite special to see. You can fee the giant pacific octopus, feel the starfish, watch a mermaid show and also get close to a couple of reptiles, iguanas, and birds. You’ll find a snake section here as well as a bird aviary. The turtles are divine and if the weather improves there are pony rides for the little ones.

This is an amazing experience with so much to offer. The aquarium is open daily and we ask you to check the website for times and also children’s events.

Where: 6230 Bandera Rd, Leon Valley, TX 78238

Phone: (210) 310-3210

San Antonio Fire Museum

If you’ve ever met a firefighter from Texas you will know how incredible they are. Hard working, super skilled, very brave and always willing to help. A visit to the San Antonio Fire Museum will give you and your kids a historical overview to fire stations and fire trucks throughout America but especially in Texas and San Antonio. There are photographic exhibits as well as fire trucks, both old and new, as well as uniforms and equipment from the last hundred years. This museum is just a few feet away from The Alamo, and is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm. There is a store where you can buy t-shirts, hats, and toys.

Where: 801 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 782015

Phone: (210) 390-7238

The Witte Museum

This fabulous museum is perfect for a rainy day and/or a family outing. It is where nature, science, and culture all come together and there is something for everyone here.  Not just something – plenty of things. There is a whole section devoted to Texas and Texan Heritage and then there are exhibitions on Boeing and aircraft (ends May 7th), Dinosaurs, The Body, the Environment, Rock Art and gemstone collections, Space, Water and the Oceans and most importantly, all the American people. The museum is interactive, you can join a guided tour or listen to the info on an earpiece, the museum is open daily and a worthwhile and educative experience.  Check the website for opening times.

When: 3801 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 357-1910

The Buckhorn Saloon

You couldn’t get more Texan than The Buckhorn Saloon. It’s fabulous, a bit like the old Wild West with cows and cowboys. It is part museum, part shop, part shooting range and part fabulous restaurant and bar. You’ll find animals from all around the world in the Buckhorn Museum, all stuffed and mounted on the walls. There are fish too, from the seven oceans.  It’s pretty impressive especially when you see the size of some of the animals. The Texas Ranger Museum is all about cowboys and guns, guns, guns. You need to be of a certain age to go into the shooting gallery. There is a fantastic gift shop which is as old as the Buckhorn Saloon itself and you’ll be sure to walk away with a souvenir or two. And then, enjoy a meal or a snack at the Buckhorn Cafe or a drink at the Buckhorn Saloon. Cheers!

Where: 318 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 247-4000

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