The World’s Top 10 Aquariums

1. Shanghai, China Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Located in the Pudong New District of Shanghai is the world-famous Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, featuring four subsea tunnels with an overall length of 155 meters! Two pyramid shaped buildings cover approximately 263,910 square feet, featuring over 10 habitats with more than 300 exhibits showcasing over 15,000 sea creatures:

  1. China
  2. South America
  3. Australia
  4. Africa
  5. Southeast Asia
  6. Cold Water Zone
  7. Polar Zone
  8. Sea and Shore
  9. Deep Ocean Zone
  10. Special Exhibitions

You will be fascinated with the leafy sea dragons, rare fish, jellyfishes, poison dart frogs, moonfish, emperor penguins and so much more. One of the most amazing exhibits is in  the Amazon Area – the largest freshwater fish in the world (over 2 m), the Arapaima.

2. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Inside the spectacular Chimelong International Ocean Resort theme park is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Hengqin, China the largest and best aquarium in the world featuring 5 whale sharks manta rays, corals and many other species of sharks.
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has set the Guinness World Records twice! Once for having the world’s largest aquarium tank and again for showcasing one of the biggest underwater viewing dome in the world!

3. Chengdu, China, The Cube Oceanarium

The Cube Oceanarium is located inside the Seaside City Shopping Mall, attracting hundreds of 1,000s of visitors to stand in awe of the sheer size of its viewing area. The Oceanarium holds 10,000,000 litres of water as well as the Guinness World Book of Records for the world’s largest viewing window at 131’ (39.65 m wide and 8.3 m tall).

The Cube Oceanarium houses over 33,000 ocean creatures including the world’s largest jellyfish. The main tank hosts two small whale sharks and numerous other fish species.

The habitats on display include warm and cold waters exhibits, from the Pacific, across the tropical seas, along the Amazon, and from the Northern Arctic and the main tank that holds over 10 million liters and over ten thousand marine organisms from all over the world.

This is no doubt one of the world’s most breathtaking aquarium journeys. The Cube Oceanarium offers tours of its warm and cold waters exhibit. There are many activities to choose from, such as sleeping with the sharks, submarine expeditions, as well as underwater ballet shows and more!

4. AquaDom, Berlin, Germany

The AquaDom, Berlin is only one of over 50 SEA LIFE aquariums and 6 sanctuaries throughout Germany that welcome over 20 million guests each year. Here, you will travel into a fascinating underwater world. From the simple starfish to the magical seahorse, you’ll be in awe of all these creatures. Watch as the battles unfold in before your eyes in the “invasion of the crabs”, or go deep into the “adventure rainforest”; here you will see Piranhas up close. Experience the underwater tunnel under the waves, or dive into a domed window to say hello to the starfish and clownfish.

The AquaDom cares for over 180,000 creatures. Visit the natural habitats and explore the freshwater creatures that live in the lakes and rivers; you will be breathless from the vibrant colors of the tropical reefs; be mesmerized by the hovering jellyfish as they enchant you by magically illuminating the water; or follow the sharks as they glide gracefully over your head.

5. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Osaka, Japan

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the world’s most spectacular aquariums, world-renowned for its innovative presentations. By recreating the natural environment of habitats, they showcase underwater sea life of the Pacific Rim at their most vibrant and dynamic.

Each of the 15 large tanks take you on a virtual tour of the Pacific Ocean by showcasing a specific region of the Pacific Rim.

  • Japanese Forest – a  beautiful, sunlit Japanese forest
  • Antarctica – one of the two the icy, snow-clad frozen regions on earth and its wildlife
  • Pacific Ocean – a 9 m deep, 34 m long tank containing 5,400 tons of water, serving as the home of whale sharks.

It takes approximately 2 ½ hours to make the trip around the Pacific. Check out the feeding times and watch the captivating behavior of marine animals. Kaiyukan is confident that the encounter with 30,000 creatures encompassing 620 species—including whale sharks, otters, penguins,sea lions, rays, dolphins, and jellyfish, and much more will prove a memorable experience.

6. Dubai Aquarium, Dubai (UAE)

At the Dubai Aquarium, you will enjoy some of the world’s best experiences.

Choose from:

  • A Virtual Reality Zoo
  • Mermaid Experience
  • Aquatic Experiences
  • Underwater Zoo
  • and much more

The VRZOO is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. Having traveled the world to capture some of the most thrilling moments of the animal kingdom, you can experience the real thrill of the wild with the fully immersive VR. Never before have you been able to get up close and personal with these amazing animals. You can join a family of gorillas in Uganda’s Great Impenetrable Forest or swim with enormous whale sharks in the crystal waters of the Maldives or track elephants through South Africa’s lush Savanna. Your little princess can be transformed into a magical mermaid too!

7. Moscow Oceanarium — Moskvarium, Moscow Russia

The Moscow Oceanarium, or Moskvarium, is home to more than 600 species of exotic fish and unusual marine and freshwater inhabitants, over 12,000 specimens and individuals, including the Cayman crocodile, nautilus, sturgeon, octopus, giant stingrays, shark, as well as the giant Pacific Dofleini Octopus and many other marine creatures.

This, unlike any other Aquarium, is actually a living encyclopedia of the World Ocean. There are kiosks stationed throughout the exhibits that deliver information about the exhibit in an entertaining fashion.

The regions represent have been recreated with stunning precision and accuracy. There are mangrove shoals, tropical forests, rivers of Southeast Asia, and coastal Baika.

8. L’Aquàrium Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

The spectacular L’Aquàrium de Barcelona houses species as diverse as giltheads, moray eels, ocean sunfish, rays and two types of shark: the sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus) and the sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus). Enjoy a spectacular walk underwater; explore the Oceanarium and experience the exhilarating feeling of discovering the Mediterranean as if you were walking along the sea floor, just inches away from sharks and other curious species.

Cage dive with the sharks! Become a scuba diver for a day, and when you’re underwater in the Oceanarium, you’ll have sharks and thousands of fish swimming beside you.

Sleep with the sharks! L’Aquàrium de Barcelona invites children to spend a night surrounded by sharks and over 8,000 different fish, and discover how they wake up.

9. National Aquarium Denmark — Den Blå Planet, Copenhagen (Denmark)

You will have an unforgettable experience as you go behind the scenes at the National Aquarium Denmark.


– The hammerhead sharks silently patrolling the waters…

– The elegant eagle rays gliding through the water effortlessly…

– The giant bass hovering like Zeppelins…

– The meter-long moray eels jutting out from their coral caves on the seabed…

Close encounter with the sea otters

Nothing melts your heart like a little hungry sea otter with his head cocked to one side, whiskers wiggling and paws outstretched expectantly.

The sea otters, Mojoe and Agnes would like you to join them for lunch. The thing is… you have to feed them!

You will be thrilled with this unique experience of being up close the world’s smallest sea mammal…enjoy their cuteness and mischief!

10. AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia

AQWA has some of the unique exhibits in the world!



AQWA’s stunning Shipwreck Coast exhibit showcases the marine life found from Lancelin to Kalbarri. This is where the white sandy beaches you find in Perth, slowly give way to spectacular red rock cliffs that plunge into the Indian Ocean.

Plunge into the beautiful world of AQWA’s shipwreck coast aquarium and come face to fin with sharks, stingrays and hundreds of stunning fish.

Don’t miss this opportunity for a close encounter with giant sharks, loggerhead turtles, the world’s largest stingrays and Western Australia’s most precious fish, such as the kingfish, pink snapper, like dhufish, trevally and more…

Discover diving as you search underwater for specially marked medallions, then claim your prize!


AQWA and Mills Charters, two of Perth’s most experienced whale watching companies, have teamed up to offer you the ultimate whale watching adventure!

Ocean Safari takes you on a 3-4 hours cruise through the “Humpback Highway” in search of whales as they travel south to Antarctica. This is an enjoyable cruise out through Marmion Marine Park towards Little Island, an ecological hot-spot, for your chance to see seabirds, sea lions, and bottlenose dolphins before heading to the main whale interaction zone.

Also, onboard is a hydrophone for your chance to HEAR the whales during an interaction and our onboard ocean guide will help you discover the secrets of humpback whales, as well as local legends, shipwreck tales, and maritime history.

Your Ocean Safari package also includes free entry to AQWA for after your voyage, so you can continue to discover the wonders of Western Australia’s coastline!

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