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10 Best Halloween Parades Around Los Angeles, 2017

It’s time to party with the rest of the crazy mob of creatures – vampires, ghosts, witches, and hobgoblins… Put on the costumes and corner some candy – the kids will not forgive you for making them sit on the couch on the scariest night of the year!

1. WeHo Halloween Carnival Parade


With around half a million people in attendance, this gets crowded and rowdy. Perhaps best with older kids. Dress up, make sure the kids know what to do if they get separated from you in the crowds, and head out to see some over-the-top costumes, freakish zombies, ghosts and goblins, witches galore and everything else scary under the stars. Enjoy the bands, the performers and do some performing yourself. This free event is world famous!

Where: Santa Monica Blvd, between N Doheny Drive and La Cienega Blvd.

When: 6 pm to 11 pm on Monday, October 31st, 2017.

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