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10 Best Halloween Parades Around New York City, 2017

Who wants to be sitting at home on Halloween – dress the kids up and get out there to join in the scary fun on the most candy loaded night of the year.

1. Village Halloween Parade


If you’re not in costume you can’t join the parade of 50,000 odd people – so leave those civvies at home, put on your best costume and join in the fun, along with the puppets. The 53 bands playing different styles of music, the dancers, and artists and be part of this enormous creative event – around 2 million people see the parade. The theme is REVERIE – recreate your waking dreams. The parade is free.

Where: Only enter the line up on th Ave at Canal Street. The parade runs up 6th Ave from Spring Street to 16th Street.

When: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at 7 p.m. Arrive earlier to join the line-up.

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