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9 Best Haunted Houses in Dallas This Halloween, 2017

The Crypt


We’re going to upfront about this one: The Crypt is a loud, in your face type of haunted house. What once was an innocent looking farmhouse seated comfortably in the rolling hills of Collin County has now been turned into a total nightmare. Start your journey through the swamps of Crystal Lake, where your greatest fears come to life. You can be sure that whatever lurks beneath the waves is not of this world. From there, you’ll travel through back alleys, mazes, and even a big top circus, before you reach your final resting place. Excuse us, we mean final “destination”. This haunt doesn’t have JUST clowns, zombies, or any of your favorite monsters… it has all of them and more. The Crypt has tripled in size from the years before and is sure to be scarier and creepier than ever. Admission is $20.00 per person.

7:30 pm to 11:30 pm every Friday and Saturday in October, 2017 at 2990 Audie Murphy Parkway West, Farmersville.

Phone: (214) 215-4618

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