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10 Best Haunted Houses in San Antonio This Halloween, 2016

13th Floor Haunted House


Various Dates and Times throughout October, 2016 at 1203 E Commerce St, San Antonio.

Trust us on this one, this is one of the premier places to get spooked in San Antonio or even Texas as a whole! This huge haunted festival has two main attractions: the “Burial Ground” and “Into the Void”. At the Burial Ground, as the story goes, the hotel manager kept secret areas in the basements to keep his victims, experiments and workers separate from the mansion upstairs. The basement has become a tomb for the many victims and undead who remain in the mansion. Pretty spooky story, huh? It’s sure to have you and your family running for the exit! At the “Into the Void” attraction, you’ll head into the dark void, where anything can happen with hidden phantoms, ghouls and ghosts hiding behind every turn. The 13th Floor Haunted House is sure to provide heart-pounding Halloween excitement this year. General admission is $24.99 per person.

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