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10 Best Nature Trips in the World

1. The Nordic Countries


What freedom could be better than anything else in the world?  Answer: The freedom to roam and experience the natural lands for FREE! It’s called allemansrӓtten.

Sweden prides itself on the fact that its natural lands are accessible to everyone, natives and visitors alike. In 2017, the Swedish tourism board  listed the entire country on Airbnb. Stunning photos of forest glens, river banks, and rocky beaches beckon users to experience the countryside for free.

Travelers know that they can gaze, camp, venture, and sleep just about anywhere in the country that they would like to explore. It’s free of charge! the Constitution of Sweden granted this freedom, called allemansrӓtten, or “everyman’s right ”as a basic and fundamental freedom.

This freedom to roam is most widely recognized in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland, with modified rules in Austria, Latvia, Scotland, Lithuania, Estonia,   Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Although this freedom goes by many names and the specifics vary by country, the concept is the basically the same:

  • The general public is granted non-motorized access to certain public or private lands for responsible recreational use.
  • One may travel (by foot, ski, horse, bike, or boat) through, as well as forage and sometimes fish on uncultivated lands without the landowner’s permission.
  • Camping for one or two nights is permissible, provided the user does not camp within close proximity (usually 200-300 feet) of the landowner’s home or in gardens or agricultural areas.
  • Users must also refrain from making too much noise.

Activities, like fires, that may destroy the land, and economic pursuits—such as logging, hunting, or selling foraged goods are usually not permitted. However, a propane stove is permissible.  You can purchase and cook the produce from local markets each day. Finally, the user may not disturb destroy or damage crops or wildlife and everyone who visits is expected to pick up any trash, leaving the area in better condition than they found it. Leave no trace!

In essence, this freedom, allemansrӓtten, everyman’s right, is yours to enjoy for the taking  (unless they are explicitly implied to the contrary); in most other countries, the opposite holds true

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