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10 Best Nature Trips in the World

3.North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Watch wild horses roam the beach

Did you think that wild horses went out with the old cowboys? Think again! If you’ve never seen horses running absolutely wild and free  then head to the beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

There, several herds of wild horses, descended from Spanish mustangs brought to the Carolinas 500 years ago, run across grassy dunes. Just beyond Corolla located on an 11-mile protected stretch and accessible with a four-wheel-drive vehicle is one of the most striking herds.

North Carolina’s coastline is a beach lover’s dream with over 300 miles of magnificent mainland beaches and barrier islands. Pristine waters, lighthouses, and white sands and an excellent variety of vacation homes dot the shoreline.

This coastline attracts all types of people–history buffs, anglers, athletes; singles, couples, and families find plenty to do here, but snoozing on the quiet shore is just as appealing.

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