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10 Best RV Road Trips!

#1 Priority

Two must-haves: Charged cell phones and GPS!!! No Ands, Ifs or Buts!!! With today’s technology, you shouldn’t get lost (18 times!) or run out of gas! It’s all at your fingertips! Also, invest in a couple of car-chargers in case one quits.

Plan your route… Make it Fun!

If traveling by RV, be sure you know your clearance requirements for bridges and underpasses and the truck routes you may need to take. Remember, every road leads somewhere, and it may be somewhere off the beaten path! You never know what you will find. Know your options: plenty of RV-friendly GPS’s exist for getting your adventurous self and the fam wherever it wants to go.

When plotting your course, (and when possible), skip the major highways and hit the back-roads! You never know what kind of hidden treasures or points of interest you may find!  Plot out the best ways to get from point A (you are here) to point B (where you want to be)! If traveling with kids, get them involved and have them read out loud where they want to go, see and do! For the younger kiddos, print off some coloring pages of dinosaurs, mountains and other sights you will be visiting.

Here are three apps that pinpoint interesting sights from parks to roadside attractions to museums:

To help ensure you have plenty of gas to make it to the next stop, download the www.gasbuddy.com app and you will be directed to the cheapest gas on your route.

  1. From RV to things to do on the trip…have the right equipment

Heading out for a cross-country RV trip without the right RV is a recipe for disaster. Make sure the accommodations fit your needs – also consider the family pet’s needs. Make a list!

Pack Smart

Don’t let the hunter/gatherer control you!  Pack wisely. Comfort is everything!

Be sensitive to traveler’s needs

An RV is spacious and allows everyone to stretch out and catch some Z’s or enjoy the fabulous sites on your journey; Being sensitive to everyone’s needs or concerns is a good way to stay involved so everyone gets a “turn”. Just be cognizant and respectful of their needs; things like thunderstorms, lack of sleep, road rage, or car sickness may be things that bothersome. Know your traveler’s weaknesses, admit your own (fatigue, hunger, etc.), and plan for both so that the endgame is trip everyone will enjoy and cherish!

Be flexible

While having a schedule is recommended, be flexible enough to be spontaneous. This trip is for everyone; so if you see a small reptile farm or petting zoo, and the kids want to stop, DO IT! If you see an old, abandoned grist mill as a photo-op, DO IT!

Also, be mindful that things will not always go smoothly: tires will go flat, roads will be closed, someone left Mr. Bunny at the last restaurant and you’ll have to backtrack 15 miles or no one gets to sleep that night. Don’t look at these as mishaps or wasted time; instead, consider them to be part of the storyline! Photo-journalize it ALL – especially when you rescue Mr. Bunny.

And last but not least, if you’re new to RVing and still feel a little nervous, check out the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to RVing. Lots of great information.

10 Best RV Routes


This is the best RV route to avoid the big cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. This route is most enjoyed when you have no agenda and can visit the many sites. Click on the links below for more information:


Good Sam Campgrounds

KOA Campgrounds

Southbound Rest Areas

Northbound Rest Area

I-95 is the main highway that travels up and down the East Coast of America, basically parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, so you’re never really too far away from the beach on an I-95 road trip.

Coral Castle – Homestead, FL was built entirely by hand by an eccentric, heartbroken man. Coral Castle is full of mystery and wonder, and it’s definitely an essential stop.

The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is one of the country’s first planned communities built back in the 1920’s. The pool is filled with fresh water every day, straight from artesian wells. It’s drained every night and refilled every morning, so you know that you’re swimming in pure, clean water. And if you’re worried about water conservation, no worries! They drain the water back into the aquifer and allow it to go back through the natural ground-filter process.

At the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, FL, you can wander along trails featuring various wildlife habitats, and all sorts of different native animals, including eagles, panthers, crocodiles, snakes, and more. The landscape will change drastically as you drive up the coast, so soak up the sun and unique wildlife while you can!

The Ponce Deleon Inlet Lighthouse in Ponce Inlet, FL is the perfect place to get off I-95 stretch your legs. Are you brave enough to tackle the 200+ step stairway to the top? The view is absolutely worth it!

There are a few famous people buried at Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery, but the real appeal is the beauty of the cemetery itself. It’s full of graceful old trees covered in Spanish moss, and many of the gravestones are works of art themselves.

South Of The Border is perhaps I-95’s most iconic cheeky tourist destination. It’s a very weird roadside theme park that’s super cheesy, but the kids will probably have a blast.

For more destinations, visit

Top 50 Must-See Places along I-95.

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