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10 chicken recipes from around the world that kids enjoy

Perhaps the most difficult question in the kitchen is what to cook for the evening and that your kids would enjoy. Chicken dishes are very popular, but you don’t always have enough imagination to cook something original. Kid 101 gathered Chicken recipes from around the world that kids would love also.

Mexican Spicy Salad with Chicken and Vegetables

mexican salad


Ingredients: Preparation:
• 4 small chicken breasts
• 1/2 medium head of red cabbage
• 1 bell pepper
• 10 cherry tomatoes
• 1/2 lemon
• a small bunch of parsley and / or cilantro
• 4 tbsp. olive oil
• 1/2 tsp sugar (preferably brown)
• spices to taste: cumin, black pepper, paprika, salt
• yogurt
• pita (optional)
1. Lightly grease chicken fillets with olive oil and sprinkle with a mixture
of spices and sugar. Leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (preferably
overnight) to marinate the chicken.
2. Cut chicken into cubes. Fry in olive oil over medium heat and add the
juice of half a lemon.
3. Chop the cabbage and greens, cut the peppers into cubes. Then, mix
cabbage and peppers with cherry tomatoes cut in half and the chicken,
put on a plate or warm pita (this will make tacos).
Sprinkle with herbs, and use yogurt as filling.


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