10 Easy and Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We have an Elf on the Shelf. My kids love it. So every night I try and find a new place for our Elf every night. However, by this time of the month, I am running out of spots to sit our friendly Elf every night. Sometimes I repeat place or he did forget to move one night. I recently was scouring the internet for ideas and there are some good ones out there. I’ve now decided our Elf is lazy and not very creative.

Elf of Shelf Makeovers

Elf Held Hostage

Elf Potty Humor

Sick Elf

Elf Angels

Exercise Elf

Shaving Elf

Fishing Elf

Spin the bottle Elf

Party Elf

And when it comes time for your elf to return to the north pole, there are easy ways to get him ready for the journey.

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