10 Hikes In and Around New York City That You Probably Never Heard About - Kid 101

10 Hikes In and Around New York City That You Probably Never Heard About

When you hike with kids you want great scenery to keep them interested, it’s a case of indicating what they will be seeing next that keeps younger ones going. As they get older they’ll be wanting to run ahead of you on the trail and shout out what they have discovered, so brief them beforehand to keep their eyes open for waterfalls, birds, animals, special plants and so on. Remember, they get hungry at the most inopportune moments so your backpack should include enough water and snacks, and perhaps swimming gear, nothing beats a quick swim in a pool below a waterfall!

1. Allamuchy Mountain State Park: Deer Park Trail to Deer Park Pond

The hike is easy to moderate in the Kittatinnies of Warren County, New Jersey. What makes the trail interesting for kids is that it follows the shoreline of Deer Park Pond, offering an opportunity to spot wildfowl and even beavers at work on their lodges. The trail covers 6.1 miles past little waterfalls, with lake views, and has a great picnic stop at the outlook point with views of the Delaware Water Gap.

Address: Byram Township, NJ 07821
Contact: (908) 852-3790
ETA: 1 h 3 min (49.0 miles) via I-280 W and I-80 W

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