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10 Places to Watch the Ball Drop in New York City

Watching the ball drop in Times Square is a tradition dating back to 1907. It is now a universal symbol of the New Year across the United States and around the world. Organizers expect close to 2 million people to attend the New Year’s celebrations in New York City but with all those people how do you know where to go to watch the ball drop. You could be on the streets with close to 750,000 others or you could find one of the best places to watch and be dining and relaxing inside.


The Knickerbocker Hotel is just 150 feet away from the New Year’s Eve festivities. The hotel promises a great party reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era. Guests will be treated to a gourmet dinner, martini’s, burlesque performers and much more. There’s even a rooftop bar where guests can have a bird’s eye view of the main event. The landmark hotel just underwent a massive renovation and is promising an incredible evening. It will be the first New Year’s Eve at The Knickerbocker since 1921.

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