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10 Pointers on Raising Kids from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Being a good parent is a difficult task. Especially if you’re a superstar and you have as many as 6 children. But this celebrity couple copes with its responsibilities.

Here are 10 rules that Jolie and Pitt suggesting in raising kids.

Angelina’s Pointers

1. Teachers must be well paid. I am ashamed that in the United States – one of the richest countries on the planet – teachers get such meager pay, the same people that teach our next generation. It’s just absurd! We do not bargain with Brad with private teachers, because not appreciating the work of educators, is the same as devaluing our future.

2. My home is where my children are. I have no problem with moving place to place. Americans are generally easy to accept this – we all have mixed ancestry. In the veins of my Dutch father flows German and Czech blood. My mother’s ancestors – the Iroquois Indians. Now you understand why I am the way I am.

3. Having children – a reason to forgive their parents. Perhaps this has something Freudian, but when you brought up my father, who, for one reason or another is far from ideal, it affects your relationship with your children. The appearance of your children gives you the opportunity to come to terms with your own parents. This is the perfect time to forgive. Absurd mistakes that my father made help me become a better mother to my children.

4. The ideal father – is the one who knows what to do in critical situations, and is able to control himself. It is a person who prefers diplomacy to force. Anyone who knows how to deal with their children.

5. We fight without witnesses. Brad can not be moved from his state of Zen. He is a man with a logical mind, and I am impulsive and do everything at the last minute. But when it comes to kids education we are always on the same wavelength. He never argues with my decisions and I also agree with him. I think there is nothing worse than when parents question each other in front of their kids. In case of disagreement, we fight so that children can not hear us. So when I tell Maddox that he would not go on a motorcycle with my dad, he would never complain to Brad in the hopes to have the ban lifted. However, this does not prevent him to return home from baseball in muddy pants and torn sneakers. Then I discuss it with Brad – on very high tone, but I might as well not waste my breath – they’re both boys!

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