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10 Pointers on Raising Kids from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad’s Pointers

1. We let them chose their future profession. As a child, I was a fan of Travolta. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a reporter. Then came the period of the disco. I wanted to be like John Travolta and dance, as he did in “Saturday Night Fever.” I liked his suit. Then I became interested in photography. I shot everything that came into the lens of my camera. Love for the architecture came later. How can I force my children to be consistent in the way of choosing their future profession?

2. We do not force our faith upon our children. Angie and I have children of different nationalities and religious beliefs, and we are not going to impose our religion on them. For example, I was raised Baptist, but I never felt the desire to pray as fervently as did my parents, deeply religious people. In the town of Springfield, where I grew up, I was taught to respectful to those who live by faith, but to be honest, I was more interested in the pretty girls that I saw in the churchyard. That was a big mistake because when the pastor saw me watching the girls again, he made me read out loud the whole closing prayer. I was incredibly shy then!

3. Vanity is not valued Pitt family. I became a star even before I became a father for the whole horde. Now my priority – the children, although they take all the energy. You see dark circles under your eyes? If girls who meditate on my posters, knew what I look like in the morning, they would be disappointed. Fatherhood tames the ego. Becoming a father, I said goodbye to my illusions. In the past, leaving the house, I thought, “What are my plans for today?” Now, I often think, “When I finish work today?” See the difference?

4. We make no distinction between them. Some of them we gave birth to have, others we have adopted – they do not have to feel the difference. Adopt an orphan, give hope to the affected kids – I think that is our mission!

5. You need to have parental ambitions. Children give a lot: the peace of mind, joy of life, the desire to develop as a person. I love to take them on nature trips. I climb out of my skin trying to invent new games for them, believe me; it’s not easy. The only thing that my kids can not stand – routine! Like all parents, I have ambitious plans for them. I hope they will find their place in life, and my name will not be a hindrance to them. I know a lot of sad stories of those who had inherited a large fortune, and I fully understand the risks. Yes, my children have access to everything that is best in the world. Compared to the other they have a huge advantage – I hope they are aware of this and will appreciate it. When I was a teenager, I did not have 25 pairs of sneakers, my parents waited for the old to wear down. I can only insist that children respect their teachers and are well behaved in class, recognized the authority of adults, to achieve good results in their studies. What else to add? Each of them is an integral part of my life. Forever.

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