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10 Reasons Why I Scream at My Husband

Have you heard about a book called “Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus”? This book is on the top of my list of books to read. I’m not sure, what this book is about, but its title is definitely inspiring, because if men and women come from different planets, that will explain a lot.

Men think that women get mostly irritated when they are pregnant, have their periods, had a bad day or simply are under the water. It’s believed that those are the very four reasons that always cause troubles, including getting mad because of such trifle as dirty socks near the couch or a full trash can. And still most men suffer even more not after the wedding, when they become hubbies, but after becoming a daddy. After the wedding comes the time all men enjoy, because they become the highest priority in their wives’ lives. It means that every wife will take care of her husband and do her best trying to please him. It is that very time when men live in the “land flowing with milk and honey”. And when the baby comes, man’s life completely changes, and sometimes it’s really hard for him to get used to it. First and foremost, it means that his wife’s attitude towards him changes a lot, because now there’s another creature in the family which is in the center of the wife’s attention. And as if it weren’t enough, his wife, who has recently fussed over him, falls into a habit of screaming at him, constantly and mercilessly. There’s nothing to do about it, poor-poor man! In this article I’ll show you 10 more reasons why wives scream at their husbands (not including socks, of course). But don’t think I’m giving the women additional reasons why to yell at their men (because, believe me, they have enough of these reasons even without my help).

  1. He forgot about our anniversary/ to buy milk/ to pick up laundry (underline what is more typical for your husband).

Seriously, it pisses all the women off. And it makes a great reason for quarreling. Why does my husband never forget about the date the Football World Cup begins, but he keeps forgetting that my sister’s birthday is November, 1, even if I remind him of that four times on Halloween?

  1. He made me a football widow.

I belong to that rare species of girls who enjoy watching football. I’m Barcelona’s fan and I’m proud of it, trying not to miss any of my favorite team’s games on TV. That’s why, when the World Cup or The America Cup starts, we watch the games together and we really like it. But imagine the situation (I think you’ll probably think of your own experience), when you don’t like this game, and your husband is a real fan (not necessarily football, it may be also hockey, boxes, baseball or whatever). Then there are times like some World Cups when he notices none around him (neither you, nor your baby), except for TV. You can draw his attention only if you’ll be naked and twisted by his favorite team’s flag (and here there are no guarantees you’ll succeed, if the game he’s watching is really important).

  1. I’m very tired (exhausted, half dead).

If I’m tired because the baby hasn’t slept well at night and I’m overloaded with work, it’s better for my husband not to happen to come in the heat of the moment. If I’m exhausted, it also means I can be very irritated and angry, and everything will annoy me. If I scream at my hubby at the moments like these, I’ll definitely apologize later, when I will have enough rest. It doesn’t mean he did something wrong, sometimes every person can lose the temper. It just happens to women oftener than with men.

  1. Caring for the children is not only my job.

Why does our society think that women have to take care of children all the time? For God’s sake, we’re not robots who work 24/7. Even if we were superheroes, we would still need some men’s help. If your husband doesn’t want to play with the kid while you’re doing some house choirs, feel free to quarrel with him. Just try not to cut it too fat, because if your husband came from work hungry and tired, and you’re asking him to look after a kid while you’ll be having some nap, it’s exactly what we call “cutting it too fat’.

  1. Having a tough day.

Having a tough day is horrible, especially if such days keep repeating. Sometimes you yell at the closest people you have in order not to yell at others. These are the moments your husband suffers the most. Just imagine the situation: your hubby decided to make you a perfect evening, because he knows how tired you get at work. He bought you flowers, cooked you dinner and even washed the floor (which he never does). You come back home, see all those candles he prepared and become yelling at him because those red candles were for your aromatherapy, not for the romantic evening.

  1. You can’t scream at a baby.

That’s not strange, because none can. And if you can’t scream at a baby, but you feel vexed, you have to do something with that emotional condition immediately. You look for the victim, and even your cat is hiding from you in the moments like those, because the cat is smart and knows that you can remind him even of the vase he broke three years ago. But your husband didn’t notice a threat in time, that’s why you start screaming at him so that you could feel better.

  1. Dull questions.

Sometimes because of his questions you can really lose your temper. “Why didn’t you call me?”, “Why is your mom coming?”, “Why is the sky blue?”. Yeah, sometimes it seems I’m ready to kill him for questions like those. Thanks Lord he doesn’t ask them too often.

  1. Jealously.

It’s a common problem and you can’t hide from it, because it will be in all people’s lives forever. It doesn’t matter, which of you gets jealous, you will always fight about it. But sometimes the reasons are truly ridiculous: for example, when your hubby wonders, who is John Smith and why did you add him in Facebook (even if he’s your yoga coach, it’s even worth).

  1. I didn’t manage to do everything I planned.

If I didn’t cope with everything I had to, I might be a little bit mad about it. The level of my irritation can be only growing in geometrical progression, and when it reaches its top, I explode. Unfortunately, my hubby is the sweetest person on the Earth, that’s why he always tries to support me. Moreover, sometimes I forget appreciating it and start yelling at him for that blaming him for all my troubles.

  1. When he doesn’t notice my new gorgeous haircut, my fashionable manicure or my new beautiful skirt.

You know, when I ask him “Do you notice everything different?”, and I hear the answer “New glasses (though I don’t wear the glasses at all)? New lipstick? New boots?”, I have a full right to scream at him, especially if I came home not blond, but red-haired. Because his thoughtlessness can sometimes really hurt me.

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