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10 Wonders of the World to Visit with Kids

Glaciers and Icebergs, Greenland

For the penultimate adventure, where 3 Natural Wonders of the World come together, plan to visit the glaciers and icebergs of Greenland—it’s a must-do! These natural wonders are starting to disappear rapidly due to the rise in oceanic temperatures. From icebergs to active volcanos, to the Northern Lights, your kids will be mesmerized at every turn. This is an adventure of a lifetime. In Greenland, you will experience a true bonding with nature.

Originally invented by the hunter-gatherers, kayaks are an excellent way to see these natural wonders. Rent a kayak and row arctic waters past glaciers and towering icebergs as you look out for humpback whales. Keep your distance—these gentle giants have tails up to 16 feet wide. For those who are not the do-it-yourself type, there are plenty of tours available. Outdoor excursions, from mountain climbing to hiking to angling are also available—just be sure to bundle up! Temperatures range from 200 to 600 F in the summer and much, much colder in the winter. If you visit during the arctic summer, you will experience 24H of daylight or come watch the Northern Lights paint dazzling colors across the dark autumn skies.

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