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11 Most Unhealthy Snacks for Kids

Sugar is highly addictive and a study by J Reedy and SM Krebs-Smith concluded that “Nearly 40% of total energy consumed (798 of 2,027 kcal/day) by 2 to 18-year-olds were in the form of empty calories (433 kcal from solid fat and 365 kcal from added sugars).”(Source)

According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report of 2014, an estimated 9.3% of the US population is suffering from diabetes, which has reached epidemic proportions with figures set to skyrocket by 2050. A CDC report places the figures for childhood obesity at 17% of the childhood population. Student-faculty research involving rats at Connecticut College, led to Joseph Schroeder, associate professor of psychology, reporting that the findings supported the theory that foods high in fat and sugar stimulated the brain in a similar way to drugs.

In the interests of your child’s health start early by cutting down or eliminating these unhealthy snacks from your children’s diets.

1. French fries

Vying for a place at top of the list is the humble potato turned into ticking time-bomb ready to explode into diabetes, cancer, and heart disease by being fried in oil, and saturated with salt. The USDA National Nutrient Database gives a figure of 90 calories per ounce of French fries meaning the standard helping would be around 300 calories.

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