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13 Must Visit Wine Bars in Manhattan – The List You Will Use Often While School is In Session!

Wine bars are trendy right now.  They are ideal for wine both aficionados and novices on the journey to discover the best wines the world has to offer, as well as offering thoughtfully prepared food as accompaniment.

A good wine bar will have a carefully chosen selection of wines, including ones that you probably haven’t heard of before. The bartender and staff should have a first-rate knowledge of wines so they can advise you on choices. This is the type of place to try out a new wine before going off to buy a case to add to your collection. The music should not be too intrusive so you can sit and discuss the various wines with the bartender. Like good wines themselves wine bars are mellow places.

1. Pocket Bar – Hell’s Kitchen

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455W 48th St, NY, 10019, T: 1-646-682-9062

Chilled and laid back with attentive service this is a great place to meet up with some friends after work. Moderately priced with a good mix of music encompassing both old school and new releases it is the host’s knowledge of wine that brings patrons back for more. Apparently the truffles fries are a must try when you visit Pocket Bar.

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