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14 Hidden Gardens in Houston


Tucked away on a private estate, Lyndale Park Garden’s location and weather provide the most optimum conditions for spectacular blooming seasons, with bursts of every color imaginable during the spring, summer and fall. At every turn, the colors are mesmerizing. From the pink and red azaleas, the pink and white dogwoods, to the blue salvia, lavender colored Verbena bonariensis, from Elkhorn ferns to catmint, lamb’s ear, rudbekia, blacked-eyed Susies, Fountain grass, Cleomes, Zinnias, Hibiscus, Cannas and so many more specimens, the explosion of color is mesmerizing. There is no shortage of sunken gardens or pond features at this park!

The wild animal statuary is equally spectacular. Sprinkled among the gardens, you come upon a giant beehive gazebo, hippos, giraffes, elephants, cougar, bears, monkeys, gorillas and much more.  The variety of gardens are endless – mosaic sculpture gardens, wildflower gardens, and vast array of sheds, little cottages, workshops and other charming buildings are scattered through these gardens, each its own color-palette display of fantastic talent.

It takes more than one visit to take in all Lyndale Park Gardens and see all its treasures. The tour is usually in April. Contact the Garden Conservancy’s Houston Open Days for more information.

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