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14 Things every parent must tell their child

American writer Evan Porter says, everything you say to your child is important. Any little thing, every thought, advice or tips stay in their head for life, so always think twice before you say something.

Evan himself admits that he is a bad father. He even made a list of 14 things that, in his opinion, every father has to teach to their children. And he says that he tries hard, but as of now he is not able to follow even half of things on this list.

“I remember when I heard this phrase, I had a six-pack of beer in my hands.”

“I’m pregnant,” – she said. Words that – I knew it – will sound eventually, is now sounded. But I never thought so soon! And I always imagined I’d hear it, standing on the sunny porch with a gentle wind, swaying back and forth the old wooden swing … Well, or something like that!

You know, it takes some time to digest the news like that. And at this moment, you feel how much you are not prepared to be responsible for another living creature. How much are you afraid!

It certainly makes you rethink your values and priorities. And at the same time to think about what you will say to your child when he learns to speak and begins to ask.

And I made a list of these vital things, but now I think I’m a terrible father. Because I suddenly realized that all the things that I want to see in my child, are completely absent in me. And yet, here they are.


You are not supposed to be liked by everyone.

Always state your position, when you know you are right. Always tell the truth to your friends, even if they don’t want to hear it. Don’t agree with everything and don’t laugh at stupid jokes, even if you want to be polite.


Study hard.

Not to make a lot of money or show off your cards, but because one day your are going to look back and will realize that this is something you can be proud of.


Clean up your room.

Do you see that pile of dirty clothes next to your bed? You don’t understand how much it frustrates me looking at them. You ill be surprised how a simple, clean room will make you feel incredibly happy.


Always finish what you started.

For example, I can teach you how to play guitar, take photographs or show tricks, but only be good at it, not great! So if you feel you have a talent for something, don’t just lose it, take advantage of it.


Don’t get hung up by your looks.

Love yourself the way you are. Subcultures are normal and healthy when you’re young, but remember about the golden middle: experiment but don’t get into extremes.


Take care of your body.

Since you only have one, take care of it. Brush your teeth every day, don’t drink too much soda.


Always be eager and ready to learn something new.

I know when one of your friends is telling you about their fun summer in Spain, and you making it look like you are bored by closing your eyes, secretly you are jealous because you spent your whole summer glued to a stupid TV.


Don’t be mean to homeless people.

They are not planning on robbing you, that’s the truth. Be higher than that kind of behavior, respect them. Buy a sandwich for a homeless person if you have some extra money, and give them some money.


Pay attention to the news

Especially political. Don’t spend all your time on social networks or in front of a TV. Pay attention to the things that are really important in this world. Be well informed and well read.


Be firm.

Don’t swim with the flow, find your own flow and be great at it. Trust me, there are plenty of people in this world that have Great Goals, but instead of going after their goals they are scared, and spend their whole life in some dead end, hated job.


NEVER, You Hear Me?

Never write an SMS while driving. There is nothing in this world that can not wait few minutes. I am serious!


Family is always number ONE.

When you are needed by your family, be there. Don’t try to find an excuse not to go to your parents one more time, they are everything that you have.


Never dream of being someone else.

Don’t ever be jealous of others, and don’t imagine, “Ohhh, if I was in their place!” Be content with who and what you are. Be at peace with your failures: everyone has them.


If something from this list doesn’t work out…..

Always remember, “I Love You. I will always love you. We will always love you”.

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