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15 Best Board Games to Keep Kids Happy and Busy For Hours!


Everyone loves Monopoly but beware, the game can go on for hours! If you’re playing with your kids it might be a good idea to set a time limit, i.e., one hour only! There is nothing more American than a game of Monopoly – the board game came out in 1902! It’s tons of fun and there’ll be a lot of laughing and shrieking, but it is also educational. Kids learn about money and how to handle it, they learn about buying and selling, and they learn about the geography of a country too.

Monopoly is good for all ages, from around the age of five to one hundred and five. The good thing is that you can play in teams so if a child is too young, they can team up with someone a little older. Monopoly is a game of strategy; it teaches you how to avoid going to jail, or how to get out of jail, and apart from the fun aspect of building houses and hotels, it teaches you to be wise with your money.

You can keep a Monopoly board game forever – the game never gets old or dated and it’s quite a nice game to pass down the family too.

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