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15 Best Day Trips From Boston You Never Heard Of

Portsmouth (1 hour)

Portsmouth is in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, just an hour out of Boston and is one of those iconic coastal towns that draws tourists from all parts of the US. An outing here is beautiful – you have the gorgeous beach and ocean, a river, magnificent views and then a fabulous town packed with restaurants, galleries, boutiques and craft stalls. Portsmouth is close to the mouth at the Piscataqua River, dividing New Hampshire and Maine and it is incredibly beautiful. It’s an idyllic setting and if you can’t overnight, go for the day. There are so many delicious seafood restaurants to choose from but you can also picnic and buy fabulous artisanal platters from the many delicatessens. There are over a dozen beaches in Portsmouth, a museum including a children’s museum, parks, walks, ice-cream, historic homes, and wineries. You can join an organized walking tour if that’s your preference, or take a river cruise. Portsmouth also has a large water park with a science discovery center and marina, so there is a lot here to keep your kids, and you, busy. Just a short drive from Boston. Don’t miss out.

Where: Portsmouth St., Boston, MA 02135

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