15 Best Kept Secrets in Dallas

Dallas has all sorts of secret spots, mostly known only to the locals. Try out tucked away restaurants, explore tunnels under the city, visit the Heritage Village to see how Texans lived 100 years ago, enjoy the best tacos in Dallas, visit the witches shop, marvel as Samurai artefacts, have adventures in the Children’s Garden, or maybe just spoil yourself with luxury spa treatments and dinner in a historic hotel.

Tunnels under Dallas

Dallas has a whole system of pedestrian tunnels. Designed in the 1970’s, they have tended to be forgotten, half-abandoned, maybe a bit damp, but they certainly provide an alternative to walking in the intense summer heat and humidity of Dallas. Few shops remain open but if you visit the tunnels it will be a different, perhaps somewhat eerie experience – and do stop by Chef Wang’s for some great Chinese food at reasonable prices.
Where: Perhaps start from The Plaza of the Americas, which is above ground – then descend – and take your map with you! https://dinteractive.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/dallas_tunnel_system_map.pdf

When: Open daily

Cost: Free

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