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15 Best Places To Travel With Kids In The Summer

Okavango Delta, Africa

If you give children a chance to experience the world first hand, you are giving them an opportunity of a lifetime – travel is one of the best forms of education. Local zoos can’t compare with this adventure! Travel provides them something no book or movie can – a foundation of learning and understanding the world around them, changing their lives forever. Traveling the world with your kids offers you valuable time together as a family while opening up the world in ways your kids could never imagine. The Okavango Delta is just such a place – a unique, energetic wetland. Here, one of the world’s most magnificent natural phenomena occurs. Each year a small part of the great Kalahari Desert, in the heart of Botswana, is the flooding of the Okavango Delta, transforming it from a dry savannah into flourishing wetlands as it springs to life. This creates a miracle oasis, becoming the world’s largest inland delta – the “miracle waters”. The best time to visit the Okavango Delta is just after the floods – between July and September. The floods bring a spectacular migration of animal species. The Okavango Delta transforms into a magnificent wildlife display of activity as dragonfly swarm, frogs awaken and the sky becomes a cloud of pink with flocks of flamingos return to breed.

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Horseshoe Bay Cove, Bermuda

Have you ever seen pink sand? Horseshoe Bay Cove, Bermuda, has one of the most spectacular shorelines. Mixed with soft white sand, tiny broken seashells create these carpets of soft pink sands ranging in colors from blush to coral.  Bermuda’s beaches are perfected by rugged boulders surrounding the beaches and turquoise waves. You can claim your personal secluded strand of the beach or visit the more popular spots – plenty of people watching going on. There’s a beach for everybody.

Horseshoe Bay Cove is a snorkeler’s paradise. The backdrops of limestone cliffs at Horseshoe Bay and Coral Reefs are a shutterbug’s dream. The large coral reef system provides photographers magnificent photo-ops of the beautiful colorful fish and other sea life.

Horseshoe Bay is one of the most popular beaches in the world. Complimenting this natural beauty, you can enjoy outdoor concerts, beach volleyball, special events, and kite competitions.

Families with small children will appreciate the lifeguards, and small tidal pool that is surrounded by protective rocks, offering a tranquil shallow spot for the little ones.

Red Sand Beach, Maui

While vacationing in Maui, don’t forget to do some hiking and exploration. Although the travel guides only allude to a red sand beach, they tend to leave out how to get there. The reason: to keep people from spoiling this pristine little oasis.

Here’s to your adventure: At the end of the Hana Highway in Maui, park your vehicle and head out through a sugarcane field, past an ancient Japanese cemetery, down a cliff to a beach, walk along the rocks, turn a corner, and there it is! Who cares what the travel guides (don’t) say – it really does exist! Note: Due to the extensive hiking involved in reaching this destination, it is best suited for ages tweens, teens and up.

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