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15 Best Stocking Stuffers Under $20

J5 Hyper V LED 3,Tactical Flashlight

It may sound strange to buy a kid a flashlight – it’s kind of a utility present – but from the age of 4 upwards they have so much fun playing around in the dark. You need to spend a bit of time explaining about battery usage, and recharging if that’s applicable. The best deal for your money is the J5 Hyper V LED 3, Tactical Flashlight. Kids will feel important with one – and they can even be used as lightsabers! Battery options are AA or AAA or the rechargeable type. This flashlight is not waterproof so this needs to be explained to youngsters – but they do get 400 Lumens, 800ft light, adjustable focus, and a clip for the belt. The tactical flashlight just squeaks in under the $20 limit. You may even want to suggest the kids buy dad one.

Price: $19.95

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