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15 Best Toys for the Holiday Season

Wise parents look for toys that have lasting value, can be added on to – it’s hard to beat Lego is this department, and toys that extend the imagination and encourage creativity in youngsters rather than the latest “must-have” toy of the moment, which will soon be forgotten. So with this in mind we have chosen some popular toys – and a couple of the must-haves that you may find difficult to procure in time for the big day. Good hunting!


Yes, they are still popular ‘cause they are just so darn cute! The kids will want to collect them all. The toy of the moment is the Hatchimals Surprise with twins emerging from the sparkly egg, but if you can’t manage to hunt down one of these, then the carton with 12 Hatchimal CollEGGtibles is a good alternative. Two are already hatched so kids can play without waiting – the rest of the eggs can be nurtured until they hatch – and then stored safely in their nests in the convenient carry carton. Each carton will have one Flamingoose – a much sought after Hatchimals CollEggtible.

Ages: Ages 5 upwards

Price: $38.90 – free shipping

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