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Moms Make More From Home Than Dads! – Government is Currently Giving Out Grants!

You are a busy mom with kids at home with you, but you are missing your studies. You want to take care of your family along with taking care of yourself. So here are a few tips on how you are going to study further, no matter where you stopped. There’s always room for enhancement in your knowledge and career.

In this article, we are going to discuss online educations for moms who don’t have a degree or who want to enhance their degrees. We will discuss Specialist courses and certifications which will allow busy moms to be able to work from home once they are done with their studies.

Please note that we have included a few of the best options here, but there is a full world outside waiting for you which has numerous options.

Medical Transcription Program

The Medical Transcription Training Program is divided into two levels. The Advanced Medical Transcription Program is intended for an individual intrigued by seeking a work from home position interpreting Acute Care (hospital) work. The Advanced Program incorporates 5 semesters of the program, including Practicum and hands-on training with 3M’s speech recognition editing platform. The Premier Training Program is the most complete program. Incorporated into the course charge are every one of the components of the Advanced Training Program, a second-year membership to Knowledgebase, access to all specialty courses (one course at any given moment), and Learning Management System (LMS) access to go to proceeding with instruction sessions, and the RHDS Exam expense. This program is intended for people who are interested in working from home transcribing acute care (hospital) work and desire access to continuing education opportunities.

Advanced Medical Transcription Program $3,495

Premier Medical Transcription Program           $4,395

Upon program completion, a certificate is provided along with employment support.

To register Visit American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group.

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