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15 Best Zoos and Aquariums in Boston

There’s nothing better than spending a good day with family. Fortunately, Boston and its surrounding areas offer a number of Zoos and Aquariums where you can go with your entire family and have a good time.

Franklin Park Zoo, Boston

If you are looking forward to have a good family time, then Franklin Zoo park is the place to go to. You can enjoy a Giraffe-like tube slide or even have a crazy ride at the camel track attraction where they give you a camel’s eye view of the zoo.

At the African Tropical Forest Habitat is a must-see for kids where they’ll see humungous Gorillas in action. Discovering their aviary friends on top of the Eagle’s nest and getting a firsthand view of interesting teeny tiny critters in the Prairie Dog Pop Up is something that will leave your kids talking about the species at least till the next visit.

If you are interested in feeding birds, then the Australian Aviary will not leave you disappointed. Here, feeding birds is encouraged while they flutter around in a free-flight exhibit. Also, let the lovable Red Kangaroos entertain your kids when they get face to face with them in the Australian Outback.

With 10,000 square feet of playground, Franklin Zoo Park offers almost every possible adventure. From climbing bamboo poles while playing alongside cute Red pandas to finding their way out from a lush grass maze, this adventurous zoo is an exciting escapade for children and adults both.

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