15 Gardens in Chicago For Families - Kid 101

15 Gardens in Chicago For Families

Northerly Island

Northerly Island is a peninsula jutting into Lake Michigan. What used to be a small airport is now a beautiful nature area. It offers strolling paths, play areas, and a great view of Chicago’s skyline. Events are also held at the Huntington Bank Pavilion.

Address: 1521 S. Linn White Dr., Chicago, IL 60605

Opening hours (from May through October): Daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Phone: 312-745-2910

Alfred Caldwell’s Lily Pool

Alfred Caldwell was the designer of Lily Pool and pictured it as a clear space with trees, stones, and water. That is exactly what you can expect to find when you head there. One of the perks of how hidden Lily Pool is is that you will only hear birds singing and water falling. This is a sanctuary that only opens between mid-April and mid-November. Wedding ceremonies may be hosted there up to a maximum of 30 guests.

Address: Cannon Drive and Fullerton Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614

Email: info@lincolnparkconservancy.org

Phone: 773-883-7275

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