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14 Day Trips With Family Out of New York City

You want to escape the asphalt and high rises? You want to take the kids to somewhere where they can wiggle their toes in the sand, run free on lush green grass, dive into a lake or do a bit kayaking and fishing, experience the splendor of nature and generally just be kids with no restrictions. We rounded up some spots to do this and a whole lot more…

1. Bear Mountain State Park


Once you arrive you will have a huge choice of what to do – there will be something for every family member – perhaps start with a cool off in the swimming pool and a quick snack before embarking on a hike or bike ride. Kids will enjoy the Trailside Zoo and may want to do a bit of fishing with dad. Boats are available to rent if you want to get out onto the water. And if little tykes are too tired to climb then you can drive to some awesome lookout spots with views across the Hudson Valley and enjoy a picnic. The wild flowers should be at their best now. The 5209-acre park has beginner trails suited for youngsters so they can enjoy the scenery without little legs being over-taxed. It also has a zoo, fishing areas a swimming pool and picnic spots.

Address: Palisades Parkway or Route 9W North, Bear Mountain, NY 10911
ETA: 1 hour 32 minutes (56.1 miles) via Palisades Interstate Pkwy N
Tel: (845) 786-2701

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