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15 Forbidden Places You Can Now Visit – Places That Used To Be Taboo, but Must Go To Now

Not all destinations are open to visitors, whether it’s because it has been banned by the leadership, devastated by hurricanes or tornadoes, is under military rule or simply impossible to get to.

Whatever the reason, many of these places are now allowing investors to sink millions of dollars in building their infrastructure and making their country or little slice of paradise much more accessible to visitors, lifting the “Forbidden Places” syndrome by opening their hearts and sharing the majestic beauty of their countries for all to experience.


Say “Colombia” and the first thing people think of is drug wars, envisioning total devastation. But all that is changing. With the 50-year civil war finally over, the entire country is opening up.

Colombia is looking forward to becoming the adventurous, cosmopolitan hot spot it wants to be. A lot of time and money is being invested, not only in projects geared to tourism but in the integration of former rebels back into society. As a result, foreign tourism rose 250% over the last 10 years!

In the vibrant capital of Bogotá, dozens of new luxe hotel chains have opened. The food scene has become a hotspot with the opening of Leonor Espinosa’s restaurant. There is not a restaurant in Colombia that has the subtle and sophisticated appointment created by Leonor Espinosa. This chef has dedicated herself to touring the Colombian territory, researching her products and culinary customs to celebrate the national fire in her letter.

Creativity, and local ingredients are handled with great technique and an interesting wine list creating this Colombian haute cuisine, in the midst of a renewed atmosphere, sophisticated and welcoming. This place in La Macarena is a mandatory stop.

Elsewhere, you will find coffee fincas turned into luxury hotels, eco-resorts on isolated desert peninsulas and colonial buildings transformed into spa retreats.

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