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15 Hidden Gardens In And Around Atlanta

Kirkwood Urban Forest Community Garden

Kirkwood Urban Forest Community Garden used to be a neglected plot of land but now it is as far from that as you can imagine! It is a piece of green paradise managed by Kirkwood residents that work as both a public conservation park and a community garden. There are walking trails with beautiful hardwood trees.

Address: 1807 Dixie Street Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30317

Lullwater Park in Emory University

Lullwater Park is the perfect place for a walk or a run. It offers views of a serene lake, waterfalls, and the ruins of a 1920s Tudor mansion, the Lullwater House. To access the powerhouse you will have to cross a wood and steel suspension bridge over the lake. There are old trees creating the relaxing environment visitors will experience. It is usually open from sunrise until sunset.

Address: 1463 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

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