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15 Interesting Facts About Babies That You Never Heard Of

We can all agree that babies are definitely the cutest things in the world. From the mother’s womb all the way to their arrival into this world, babies equally fascinate parents and scientists.

Below are 15 fascinating facts that may really surprise you.

1. The baby’s body has 60 bones more than adult body.
2. From birth until they learn to potty, babies will use around 8,000 diapers.

3. Until 1985, physicians believed that babies don’t feel pain and they often operated them without anesthesia.
4. During the first two years of a child’s life, parents lose an average of six months of sleep.
5. Early born babies often are left-handed.
6. Every 30 seconds a child is born in China with a birth defect.
7. Women’s who snore during pregnancy are more likely to have smaller children.
8. Babies have three times more taste buds than adults.

9. If the mother gets internal injury during pregnancy, a child from the womb sends stem cells to repair them.
10. Every year in the United States around 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine. This is a consequence of drug use during pregnancy.
11. In Brazil, breast milk is distributed throughout the country for those kids who have lost their mothers milk for various reasons.
12. Only 4% of children are born on to the predicted dates.
13. One in 5,000 babies is born without the anal opening.
14. Germany, Iceland and Denmark have rules for the naming of a child.

15. Every year in China, million women who carry girls do abortion, and 10,000 of the newborn girls were abandoned because of the one child policy.

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