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15 Kids Friendly Bike Trails in and Around New York City

Kids and bikes are always brought together by some magnetism. They are fond of biking since bikes entice children and enhance the whole experience.

Biking is an activity that brings a lot of fun and adventure, these trips can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but the best time to go on a biking trip is during the summer. The whole family, especially the kids love to bike for miles through the woods, over the bridges and across fantastic views, this will be the greatest reward for children.

New York offers trails that are suitable for every member of the family. There are gentle terrains, moderate to difficult terrains that will help parents train their kids at a different level depending on their age.

Biking with kids gives a whole lot of difference; you will love to see your kids enjoy riding. There are adventurous mountain trails that challenge the teens and adults in the family. While biking families can be left stunned by the scenery and the place that are great for picnics and quite some places where one can stop and enjoy the wildlife. It will take some time for the tiny tots in the family to catch up with others, but they will surely enjoy the rides on trails that New York offers.

Governors Island

Governors Island located in Upper New York Bay at the south tip of Manhattan offers miles of car-free biking. You can bring your bike or rent one from blazing saddles where kids bikes, tandem, and quadricycles are available.

Kid’s bikes are $25 to rented for the whole day. Miles of unlimited fun guaranteed. This place is open for biking from 10 am to noon on weekdays and from 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

The island has tons of activities for kids of all ages. A variety of food is available at the food court. And here is the best offer, free bikes at Colonels Row every Friday.

Brooklyn Bridge

This well-known iconic landmark in Brooklyn is a great place for biking. There are lanes for bikes, and it is car free. $15 for one hour and the price depends on the hours. Enjoy your day with your kids at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and experience the scenic view and waterfront greenway.

The bike should be ridden only on the designated path for bicycles. Bicycles can be rented from one station and can be returned at the other station. If you are planning to visit New York make sure to rent a bike, take a leisure ride in the park and over the bridge.

Central Park

Central Park in Manhattan is the best place in the city to connect with nature that offers some breathtaking scenic views. Excellent choice for city dwellers to take their kids for a biking trail as the path is well paved and leveled. Guides are available who can show some landmarks as you ride.

Biking with small kids is the best as the paths are wide, vehicles free and parents can guide and ride beside them as well. No worries, if you cannot carry your bike with you, you can always rent a bike in the park. The rental price starts from $15 which includes helmet, basket, lock and map. Central Park has a variety of food offered at the food counters or cafes.

High Bridge Park

This park located in Manhattan Heights connects Manhattans Heights and Brooklyn High Bridge community. Get a chance to explore the historic and lively sites here.

Visit this place if you want to break free from the concrete jungle and escape into the real mountain biking trails to experience a truly adventurous ride.

The trails are perfect and leveled with pulverized stones, and the wooden span, laid recently, is completely safe for children. This place is for both adventures and to relax after the power ride.

Cunningham Park

Cunningham park in Queens, New York, one of the largest parks in Queens offers six miles of thrilling rides, fun and many more activities that families with kids would like to enjoy.

The biking trails can provide thrills and fun to teens in the family. The little ones always have plenty of fun riding the trails for beginners and tackling the trails can let the little explorer have lots of fun as they ride. Cunningham Park is vast, it is advisable to have a trail map. The wide trails provide plenty of space for all.

Wolfe’s Pond Park

This park is in Staten Island, New York and is one of Staten Island’s largest green spaces. Apart from the several biking paths one can also find ponds, open fields, woodlands and a small beach.

You can ride for about 4 miles. There are steep climbs and twisty trails. The XC trails are suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate riders. Families can have fun and enjoy their ride through the woods too. This place is a treasure for mountain bikers.

Mountain Creek Bike Park

This bike park in Vernon, New Jersey has more than 10 miles of single and double trails. In the summertime around the first week of July, you can sign up your kids for the ‘Creek kid’s summer mountain bike camp’. The price is $275 for four weeks or $75 per session.

Every Thursday they have a ‘Thursday Night Race League‘. Kids can challenge themselves against the clock and a win the race. They have Dirt, Rock, and Root training. You can participate in the weekly XC group ride.

Often, after the ride one can enjoy excellent food, drinks and entertainment in the Biergarten. This place offers a challenging ride for all cross country riders. This is the place for families that enjoy mountain biking. Please note it is not for children under the age of 5.

Prospect Park

This park located in Brooklyn and has about 3.35-mile long loop for bicycling. The park is car-free on weekends. It has a separate winding bike lanes; available for use any day of the week. There’s a botanical garden, a boat house, skating rink, beautiful meadows, and woods. Just in case kids want a break from biking there is a children’s playground.

The park has lots of exciting hidden bike trails. During summer and fall, they have an event called ‘Time’s Up – Prospect Park Moonlight Ride.’. This is not a race, but a peaceful ride that allows discovering the beauty of the park in the moonlight. Needless to say, moonlight bikers must have front and rear lights on their bikes. The speed limit on the bikes must be 25 mph and must cyclist must ride counterclockwise.

Bronx River Pathway

Biking at the Bronx River Pathway in New York is a wonderful experience. The pathway has three concrete segments; a one-mile loop near Oak Street, a 3.6-mile section from Palmer Road and a 5-mile section from Green Acres Avenue to Kensico Plaza. One can see a couple of waterfalls as the ride along the way.

The route is not only scenic, the roads are in a very good condition making the ride enjoyable. There are water fountains, restrooms, and a repair station for bikes called Danny’s Cycles.

Cyclists must be aware of the riding time since the parkway is always closed after 2:00 pm. On Sundays, no motorized vehicles are allowed on the pathway which means it is a safe place and day for cyclists. The speed limit is 40 mph and children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Washington Crossing State Park Bike Trails

Washington Crossing State Park is more than 500 acres of natural beauty and is considered to be the true gem of New Jersey. Featuring an incredible view of the river makes this place magnificent for the whole family to have fun. Families can plan the entire day for biking, the paths are straight, flat and peaceful, trails along canal make riding more enjoyable. The park is great for biking and picnicking.

Columbia Trails

Columbia trail located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey has a beautiful trail along the Raritan River that gives a great feel for the riders and little cyclist in the family. Families can enjoy the fifteen miles of wide trails, set for fun and family time.

The trails have tree shades that make the ride pleasant; one will have to travel through evergreen and deciduous forest. Wildlife can be seen in their habitat. Kids will love to observe the footprints of animals and can also have a close encounter with animals like fox, deer, raccoons, wild rabbits and chipmunks that at times cross the trails.

On the way, you will get to see stables and farms. This place is extremely family friendly. Parents are advised to carry bug repellents. Bike rentals and repairs are available.

Pine Barren

Pine Barren, also known as Pinelands. This biking trail located in Hammonton, New Jersey. Featuring miles of well-paved trails that offer scenic cyclist ride, adventurous routes, and training routes through woods, waters, and greenery.

There are many routes, but the traditional route is Batsto to Lower banks which is well-paved and covers a distance of about 21 miles. Route maps are available for riders.

Apart from cycling, families can explore the Pinelands in canoe or kayak. Walking and hiking is available for kids or any member of the family that does not prefer biking.

This beautiful place has wildlife trails and birding trails; kids will love to explore Pinelands.

Paulinskill Valleys

Paulinskill Valley located in Sussex County, New Jersey, has 27 miles of trails that include 8 miles of rugged mountain trails. The trail starts from Sparta and runs through the beautiful country sides of Sussex County.

Head to this place with your family to get the dose of rural scenery and miles of uninterrupted paved path along the Paulins Kill River.

This place abounds with wildlife where one can encounter numerous spices of birds and rare white-tailed deer. There are excellent trails for beginners. It is a perfect place for families to add some excitement and let kids explore and learn their way as they ride and hike.

Marshall Creek Park

Marshall Creek Park in Pennsylvania is only two hours away from New York. Parents can plan a visit to this beautiful, scenic and awesome place for adventure and fun. It has everything that you can ask for, from the beautiful lake where kids can fish and lot of sailing choices like canoes, boating, and kayaking. Boats are available for rent.

Network of trails allows rides on a different level, trails on the side of the park are for beginners. The creek is beautiful, clean, plenty of picnic place and relaxing. During summer, families can barbecue under the stars, and perfect hot spot for birdwatchers. Small shops and snack bars are available.

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park located in Manhattan is the busiest bikeway in the United States. These bikeways are 32 miles smooth and a well-paved pathway made exclusively for skateboards, cycles, and rollerblades.
There are mile markers every 5 miles. Bike racks are available throughout the park.

The biking path runs through the entire Hudson River Park, starts from Battery Park and goes all the way up to the tip of Manhattan.

There are areas that are considered extremely safe and have open space for kids to learn to ride the bike. Every summer there are free bicycle riding classes for kids.

New York is a city that offers unlimited fun and entertainment. But to explore this city on wheels can be the best option. New York is considered to be the paradise for cyclist and the best place for a leisure ride with the family. The well-paved trails make the ride more enjoyable. There are various places that offer rental bikes. Biking together, along the riverside path and mountain trails can be challenging and fun for all the members of the family. Time to get the wheels and explore the city.

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