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Unbelievably Unique Costumes for Kids 2018

Choosing the best costumes for kids can be a daunting and overwhelming process; however, when carried out diligently, you stand a better chance to make your kid’s day worthwhile. Some of the trending costumes for children include Black Panther, wonder woman, rainbow harlequin clown and more.


Black Panther

Black Panther is one of the top trending costumes that were named after the Black Panther movie. Black Panther outfit includes printed black as well as grey jumpsuit featuring an attached mask, and shoe covers. It is worth mentioning that the costumes come in different sizes, thus it is advisable to make use of the child size chart to help you choose the attire that fits your child.


Wonder Woman

Michael Wilkinson designed wonder woman costume for girls and women. This great dress comes in X-small, small, and medium sizes. In addition to different sizes, the superhero dress consists of a headband, cape, dress, belt, boot tops and bracelets. The skirt features a V cut that makes the outfit sexy.

Cleopatra Halloween Costume

This is the time of the year that you let your girl try some makeup. You understand that your child may be craving for eyeliner, or even putting on Cleopatra costume before joining her friends for holiday parties. Apart from the royal dress, the kid can learn a couple of things about Egyptian history.


Child’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Storm Trooper Outfit

The costume ideas are enough to quench your kids growing curiosity. In this mission, the kid will conquer all the enemies, while collecting candy. Soldier’s uniform is glossy, fully clad in a 2-piece helmet, and a matching white belt.


Spider-Man 2 Muscle Boys Costume

As a rule of thumb, heroes are always remembered. On the other hand, superheroes never pass on. Every kid loves the radioactive spiderman.This festive season, introduce your kids to the classics, and you will be energized to see your kids have a group fun with a spider costume.


Bacon Strip Kid

Bacon suit kills two birds with one stone, doubling up as a video award costume, and Halloween dress. This outfit is perfect for Halloween parties and school events.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Interestingly, both the children and adults are huge fans of sponge bob square pants. As a result, your child will be delighted to show off her dress. Note that the attire suits girls with a spunky personality, while allowing her to hide under a big rock, just like Patrick in Star’s home.


Old Lady

Did you know that most of the kids are curious about being old? In fact, there is nothing beautiful than a child pretending that they are 10 times their real age. With this outfit in hand, the kid’s old soul come through.


T-Rex Rider

Your young daughter and son won’t hesitate to embrace the idea of riding Rex Rider. Apart from appealing to your kid’s eyes, the wear is easy to dress in, thanks to the fact that it is inflatable in design.


Violet, and Dash

Violet and dash can uplift your children look in a matter of minutes. To make the best out of this costume, you need to match Mr Incredible as well as . Elastigirl adult outfits are highly recommended, but not mandatory.


Race Car Crew

Race car pit offers your child more fun than you can imagine. This option works well for children of all ages since it can be customized.



Kai Deluxe Costume

LEGO costume is available for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. Ninjago outfit covers the entire body with its designed pants and tops; you will come to love as the clock ticks.


Rell Beauty

In general, princess belle costume is a yellow dress with off the shoulder straps to showcase your kid’s beauty. If you want a complete look, make use of the extra accessories, such as gloves and crown for the whole effect.


Guardians of the Galaxy

This costume comes with the jumpsuit with a mask a shoe cover to complete the look. Additionally, it is perfect for kids who are 44” to 60” tall. This implies that the outfit covers children of varying ages.


Magical Mermaid

For years, mermaids have been found to impress little girls. In this case, the magical costume has a foam tail and you can personalize it by adding  more layers based on the weather.

PAW Patrol Power

Give the Super Mario Bros. costume a rest. Arm the ruff-ruff rescuer with the most adorable costume of the year. The PAW Patrol Marshall suit comes with a headpiece and a backpack. He can also show his Patrol badge at trick-or-treating. The outfit has become as big of an  hit as the Nick Jr. show. Looks comfortable, too.


Hunny Tot

Missed Christopher Robin in the theatres? Oh Bother! Time to introduce them to the most beloved storybook character of all time the old-fashioned way, by reading A.A. Milne’s delightful stories. Bringing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger for the party is another splendid idea. Can they get any cuter in the Pooh suits? These ones for mom. But don’t forget to bring a hunny pot.


Ooh la la!

What’s fancy for cool? Glam up the princess’ wardrobe for all kinds of fabulous occasions. The Fancy Nancy costume, based on her favorite Jane O’Connor series, makes for a wonderful dress on its own, with colorful striped tights and a shiny tiara that suits birthday and Christmas parties beyond the Halloween season. She’ll be even fancier in the Bonjour version, which comes with dainty wings.




Want the kids to be known for speed and science? In search of a helmet for those rambunctious Halloween role-plays? Blaze through best (and safest) costumecontests with AJ’soutfit. The suit comes straight out of the Monster Machines. It’s padded and glows in the dark.


Steel Power

The Ninja Steel Power Ranger appears to be a simpler design than the sleek classic Ranger suit. This year, the Red Ninja Ranger is proving a popular choice for toddlers, with its soft mask, a padded muscle chest, and gold belt. The pink suit is adorable. Whoever wears which ranger, a pair of Power Rangers would only double the charm.

Special Small Someone

For that most adorable, most inquisitive kid on the planet, who also lives at home, Peter Rabbit is perfect. Keep him out of mischief and remind him “even the  the smallest one can change the world,” while he dons this cute suit. Just like the tale, the costume’s look is timeless.


The Rainbow Unicorn Dress

It’s a rainbow and a unicorn. Here’s a combo that works better than last year’s awkward Red-Riding-Hood-and-Big-Bad-Wolf-in-one craze. This costume beats the this year’s Vampir-ina style as well. Maybe not the onesie or the inflatable unicorn, but the delightful pastel, uni-wonderland dress. She can mix and match with silk ballet shoes and face glitter, and wear it to Halloween or her next play date.


Astro Boys and Girls

What child doesn’t dream of becoming an astronaut? The Aeromax Jr. Astronaut design is like a Melissa & Doug costume, but even cooler, with NASA patches embroidered on the suit. It comes with hook and loop, shoulder, and waist harness straps as well to complete the authentic look. There’s an orange option in time for Halloween.

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