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15 Places That Kids Would Never Forget Visiting

Cairo, Egypt

Children are fascinated by ancient mummies and hieroglyphics. Built between 2550 and 2490 B.C., every child learns about the mummies and pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians; what better way to learn about the Pharaohs than by visiting the Pyramid.

Although it is now forbidden to climb the Pyramids, you can still go in them. It’s a little bit of a claustrophobic climb for some-just follow your tour guide. Be sure to visit the Red Pyramid at Dahshur; it’s free and the crowds are far smaller than those at Giza.

Ride a camel through the desert. These gentle beasts are quite interesting. Be sure to visit the Cairo Museum where, in 1922, Egyptologists excavated the tomb of King Tutankhamun, who had been buried there in 1323 B.C. The team also discovered more than 2,000 treasures, including a throne decorated with precious stones and silver, gold coffins, gold-plated chariots and alabaster vases. Many of these artifacts are on display.

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