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15 Places To Go For Your Kid’s Favorite Dessert In New York City

No high end, seven course lunch or dinner will impress the kids. Kids just crave for their delicious treats. They adore every bite of desserts, be it ice cream, brownie or cookies. Planning to take your kids out for their favorite jaw–dropping and indulging desserts in New York City, here is the help.

We, at Kid 101 have selected 15 best places to go for your kid’s favorite dessert in New York City. All these dessert spots are kid friendly and worth every single delicious bite.

1 – Popbar



Location:5 Carmine Street At Sixth Avenue
Phone: 212-255-4874

Fresh and delicious ice pops at Popbar are ready to satisfy each and every kid’s taste bud. Made by the natural ingredients, these ice pops are available in many flavors and toppings. Kids just love their ice pops, either its summer or winter in New York City.

2 – Dylan’s Candybar

Dylan’s Candybar


Location: 1011 3rd Avenue At 60th Street

Dylan’s CandyBar is popular place among kids; thousands of candies are available here for munching. Kids would be happy to see so much color and flavor for their favorite treat. Buy some extra to take home because they are going to ask you for more. A giant chocolate rabbit, lollipop bouquets and a bathtub full of gum balls are the central attraction for the kids at Dylan’s CandyBar. They also serve meals for kids like – dessert pizza, personalize pizza, frozen sweets, split banana and a lot more drinks.

3 – Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant


Location: 379 Grand Street, New York  
Phone: 212-505-3700

Kids ask for doughnuts all the time, ‘Doughnut Plant’ is a perfect place for them to spoil by choices. They have hundreds of doughnuts in many fun flavors such as cream brulee, jam stuffed, PB&J, carrot cake. This is a must visit place for you if your kids love doughnuts. Treat them with great surprise by taking them to the ‘Doughnut Plant’ today.

4 – China town ice cream factory

China town ice cream factory


Location: At 65 Bayard Street New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-608-4170

China town ice cream factory has all the flavors for ice cream you have ever desired. This is a great place to visit for both kids and parents. Flavors such as cherry, pistachio, lychee, almond cookies, blueberry, red bean, egg custard and zen butter are name of few. You may ask for some exotic flavors like wasabi, coffee and brandy choices are unlimited. This is an adorable place for both kids and parents.

5 – Serendipidy 3

Serendipidy 3


Location: 225 East 60th Street Between Second and Third Avenues

Take your kids to Serendipidy 3; try their ‘Frozen Hot Chocolate’ and other over the top desserts. You kids won’t ready to leave the venue until they are full. Their menu has a lot more classic desserts and drinks for the entire family. Their ‘Golden Opulence Sundae’ is the most popular dessert in NYC. The restaurants also serve other kids friendly food like pizza, pasta, salad, burger etc. the place is also famous with celebrities, check out their photographs in the restaurants when they visited Serendipity 3.

6 – Max brenner: chocolate at the bald man

Max brenner: chocolate at the bald man


Location: 841 Broadway

An incredible place for chocolate lover, they serve dessert for meals. Their classic whipped hot chocolate, melting marshmallow hot chocolate, banana split wafers, hazelnut hot chocolate and Euphoria Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Sundae are a bit hits among the New Yorkers. Try their peanut butter pralines for breakfast and chocolate soup and pizza for lunch.

7 – Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery


Location: 167 West 74th Street At Amsterdam Avenue
Phone: 212-874-6080

Find the city’s best cookies at Levain Bakery, their big size tasty and flavorsome cookies are worth to visit the place. Kid’s favorite cookies are available in flavors like walnut, chocolate chip, peanut butter and dark chocolate. You will get the more flavors when you visited the place. Your kids would love to taste each cookie; the place is extremely famous in NYC, so get ready for a long queue of buyers at the bakery.

8 – Two Little Red Hens

Two Little Red Hens


Location: 1652 2nd Avenue, New York
Phone: 212-452-0476

Find the city’s best cupcakes and confectionery here. This award winning bakery is famous for its vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cakes. Your kids will love their chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate pudding and glazed with chocolate frosting. Other seasonal desserts are also available indulge them, they worth it. Their gourmet staples are also available at some grocery store, so if you can’t make it to the restaurant then buys them from grocery store like midtown and soho.

9 – Bubby’s high line

Bubby's high line


Location: 71 Gansevoort St 
Phone: 212-206-6200

Bubby’s is a chain of restaurants located at multiple locations in New York City. A nice place to visit if you are looking for some pocket friendly dessert spot for your kids. Try their snowball with homemade chocolate, cola and current sour syrup. They are an expert in traditional pies, pancakes and cheesecakes. Kids would love their double crust spiced apple pie because of its real taste.

10 – Chikalicious dessert bar

Chikalicious dessert bar


Location: 204 E. 10th Street New York, NY 10009 
Phone: 212-475-0929

Stop by Chickalicious Dessert Bar with your kids if you are looking for more than just cakes and cup cakes. They serve wide variety of innovative desserts in their ‘Three Course Dessert’ menu. The menu change daily, but warn chocolate tart with pink peppercorn ice cream and red wine sauce is their permanent signature dish. Try their other delicious dessert innovation like – apple pudding cakes, valrhona chocolate mousse and s’mores with toasted almond.


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