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15 Best Restaurants Kids Can Eat FREE in Houston

When searching for a kids’ eat free option you want to be sure the adult meals aren’t overpriced to compensate; that the kids’ menu offers some decent choices and that the atmosphere is going to be conducive to a relaxed meal rather than a gobble-and-go experience. We think these 15 Houston establishments meet the criteria… go ahead and try them out. As with all specials do call ahead to check the special still applies at the specific location.

1. Abe’s Cajun Market


Where: 1080 Clear Lake City Blvd D, Houston, TX 77062.
Contact: (281) 480-2237
When: Kids EAT FREE every Monday night. Each kid meal comes with one side and a drink. Sides are french fries, fruit salad, white rice, rice dressing, green beans, or a side salad.

The kids’ menu lists popcorn shrimp, chicken strips, Macaroni and cheese, corn dogs, hamburgers and more. Abe’s is open from Monday to Thursday 9 am – 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am – 10 pm and Sunday from 11 am – 9 pm. The business is family owned and operated specializing in Cajun food. The dining is casual and the food highly recommended as being pretty authentic and reasonably priced. Real Cajun may be a tad spicier but they have to cater to all tastes. The complimentary home baked cornbread is also something patrons look forward to and they rave about the Crawfish Étouffée. Add the fact that the large tree outside is decorated with tiny lights and you have a great setting for an evening meal.

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