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15 Best Restaurants to Visit in Los Angeles For Restaurant Week, Jan 13th – 27th, 2017

The 15 days of Restaurant Week between January 13th and 27th will enable you to try a variety of restaurants that may have been on your radar but you never got around to trying. With a two or three-course prix fixe lunch costing between $15 to $25 and dinner between $29 and $49, Restaurant Week provides an incentive to try out some new places. A couple of restaurants provide dinner for $95 during restaurant week but they are few and far between the majority of more affordable restaurants.

Most participating restaurants exclude Saturdays and only some restaurants offer the special on Sundays. Some do lunch and dinner and some only dinner or only lunch so ensure that the day and time fall within the specials offered and confirm this when you make your reservation. You don’t want to be stuck with a hefty bill you didn’t expect! Gratuities, beverages, and tax are not included.

Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures with hundreds of restaurants – so start the culinary adventure.


Where: 8700 W 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048-4307
Phone: (310) 859-9859

Fancy some Californian cuisine in a chic setting? The two-course lunch menu from Mon through Friday is served from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at $25. Diners can choose an appetizer like a two cheese and charcuterie plate followed by a roast turkey focaccia sandwich with fries or a salad. For an extra $6 a dessert can be added. They do bittersweet chocolate torte with coffee cream, medjool dates, candied hazelnuts and almonds among others.

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