15 Best Scenic Bike Rides In and Around New York City - Kid 101

15 Best Scenic Bike Rides In and Around New York City

When biking with younger kids it’s best to keep away from areas where there is traffic, whether vehicles or other cyclists and joggers. We have included a number of state parks for biking where there shouldn’t be too many people on the trail, as well as well known NY cycle routes through parks– plus a couple to tackle with older kids who are road savvy. And we put in some places where avid mountain bikers can have some fun!

1. Pelham Bay Park


The cycle route is 5 miles long, but the 13-mile shoreline along Long Island Sound will give the kids plenty of space to explore. Once they are tired of cycling, finish off with a summer swim at Orchard Beach before settling down for a picnic at the picnic tables provided – there are also grills for a barbeque.

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