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15 things to do in New York on 4th of July

Independence day, celebrated on 4th of July is considered to be the biggest holiday that every American celebrates. Independence Day is always special in New York City and millions of people flock to this beautiful city that is full of different events to commemorate Independence Day. Independence Day would be incomplete without fireworks, and the world’s famous Macy’s firework show is taking place on the East River, which will light up New York’s skies. Kid 101 have picked 15 things to do in New York on 4th of July. Don’t miss out on these fun events.

Macy’s Fireworks pocket-guide-fireworks-cool-places-macys

Macy’s firework display is the world famous and one of the events that New Yorker or other city dwellers would not want miss. Macy’s fireworks show is broadcasted all over the world, because of the magnitude and the sheer size of the event. Millions plan to pay a visit to witness these fabulous fireworks will sure leave everyone awestruck. There will be music performance that will synchronize with the firework. The fireworks will take place approximately at 9.20pm at two locations, East River and Brooklyn Bridge, with firing of 1600 shells per minute. The spectacular fireworks can be seen from many places in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest nathans-hot-dog-eating-contest-590

Independence Day tradition since 1916, hot dog eating contest is held every year on Coney Island, Brooklyn. Mor than 40,000 fans are expected to attend. The rules of the contest are simple, eat as many hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. The competition is held separately for men and separately for women. The top male and female from each qualifier will compete in ESPN channel finals. This contest is real fun to watch as contestants stuffing their mouth with Nathans famous hot dogs and battling with others. Kids also take part. Current champions are Jey Chestnut (61 hot dogs, including buns) and Miki Studo (34 hot dogs, including buns.

Brooklyn Bridge Park fireworks-brooklyn-bridge-park_650

Brooklyn Bridge Park is known as one of New York’s treasure. Brooklyn Bridge is going to serve as a backdrop to the world-famous Macy’s fireworks. Brooklyn Bridge Park would be the most preferred spot for spectators. Families can come early spend their day in the park, find a perfect spot to view the firework and spread some blankets. The place is going to crowded, and most of the people will be battling to get the perfect spot. It is important ot arrive early, and always watch your kids, for safety. Most entry points like Furman Street, Joralemon, Old Dock, and Old Furman Street will be closed. Playgrounds, pop-up pools, carousels will be closed by 4 pm. The security will be high; hence backpacks and bags will be checked for security reasons.

Jacob Riis Bazaarriis

Drench yourself at the Jacob Riis Beach, experience the warmth of the sun, surf and relax. Get ready for the live performance, food, drinks and food vendors, as they are now brought to the newly renovated boardwalk. A music concert at the seaside stage will make it more enjoyable. Music will be playing from 12-9pm with the famous DJ’s like Big Victor, Edward Askew there to entertain the crowd. Food here will treat you and your kid’s taste buds. Foods like pizza, cotton candy, burgers and the seafood here are the best. Independence day means freedom; here everything is free from the beach to concerts. Beach chairs and umbrellas will be available for rental

Revolutionary New York Tour

Across from Fraunces Tavern (5:51 a.m.)

Across from Fraunces Tavern (5:51 a.m.)

Uncover the history that, lies in New York City, the tour takes you for a walk in the footsteps of those heroes who laid their life in battles for our country and celebrate the American history. Many people join this walking tour to explore the role of New York and each freedom fighter. This walking tour guide will narrate the tales about spies, traitors, stories of triumph and stories of defeat as you walk the streets of New York. The revolutionary tour starts in Manhattan, and most of the War sites can be visited by foot. The tour costs about $20 for adults and $ 15 for students and senior citizens. Come, take part in this tour and know the pivotal role New York played during the wars for independence.

Cruises on July 4th carousel_795

Experience the phenomenal world famous Macy’s fireworks up close on a cruise this independence day. Getting the spectacular view from a cruise will be great. There are several cruises that will depart from different piers and will reach East River where you can watch the Macy’s Fireworks from the spacious observation deck without fighting with the crowd on the land. Children are now allowed on few cruises, and they will like this rare and new experience. Cruises, like Circle Line, American Princess, and sightseeing cruise are cheaper options, but if you want to experience luxury while sailing, sail on the Schooner Adirondack or Clipper City, a fully catered sail that includes drinks and food and viewing fireworks The price ranges from $ 150-300. The skyline view will be magnificent.

Coney Island fireworks_-photo-by-jim-mcdonnell-2013-all-rights-reserved

This year on July 4th Coney Island is going to be way too crowded as the famous Nathans hot dog eating contest is held here. Apart from this contest enjoy the classic roller coaster and famous Cyclone ride at the amusement parks or visit the museum, small circus shows on Coney Island .Enjoy your day at the beach under the sun and in the evening enjoy a walk on the boardwalk to listen to music and experience the festive environment with numerous events that will take place here. The side shows on boardwalks can be hilarious, and kids will enjoy. The best that Cooney Island offers at night is the spectacular firework show that is designed to enhance the shows and events that will take place on Independence Day.

Travis Paradealg-travis-fourth-of-july-parade-jpg

Travis is a small town on Staten Island’s west shore, New York. This parade is one of the oldest Independence Day parade in the country. Everyone dressed up in blue, red and white .The streets are decorated with patriotic insignia: American Flags, Balloons. Kids waving the flags and holding American flag balloons will be a great sight. This parade takes place in the boroughs proud and patriotic neighborhood. The parade and other ceremony starts at noon. There is also a home decorating contest, and the house that is decorated most patriotically will win. This parade is pure entertainment for the whole family. Cartoon characters in the parade will keep the children entertained. There are seats available at the viewing center.

Zoos on July 4th emerald-tree-boares

The whole city is going gaga over the fireworks, cruise, and many more events, that will crowd the city and battling with the crowds with kids can be a daunting task. Why not plan something else that the whole family can enjoy. How about visiting a Zoo on 4th of July? A popular attraction in New York includes many zoos. There are so many incredible zoos in New York, where families with kids like to spend their holiday. Spending the whole day, there will overwhelm kids, as kids will love to be in the place that is home to exotic reptiles, birds, and other animals. There are some exhibits that will keep families entertained. This Independence Day take your kids to the zoo. Central Park zoo is open 365 days, Bronx Zoo has events on July 4th, Prospect Park Zoo, Staten Island Zoo are some of more popular zoos in New York.

Museum Exhibits museums 4th

To feel the historical connection or for kids to know about heroes who gave their life for our country. Museum are known to be the best place to visit this Independence Day. Children can learn and know the American history in an interactive way, learn about the legends who once lived, served and saved our country.


Beaches offer sparkling sand, crashing waves, boardwalks, fun in the sun, sandcastles and much more fun activities. Beaches are always filled with fun and excitement for kids on Independence Day holiday. Kids will love to play, and parents can relax and take a break from the busy city life. Few beaches will even host events that can entertain the crowd. Visit Jacob Riis Beach, Staten Island beaches, Coney Island Beach, Manhattan Beach that will offer special Independence Day celebrations.


All American Hotdog and a Beer

All American Hotdog and a Beer

While the famous firework light up the night sky from 2 locations Brooklyn Bridge and East River. Most of the families want to view the firework without fighting the crowd. The best place would be any restaurants that are close to East River and Brooklyn, which can provide some fine food and drink while watching the firework. You can spend the whole day in the city, and visit the attractions like Statue of Liberty, parks, Time Square. To have an unobstructed view of fireworks book a restaurant that has the large patio and that can offer a great view of the firework. The downside: the restaurant will charge an arm and a leg on July 4th!

Yankee Stadium baseball-fireworks-mlb

Yankee Stadium one of the most famous stadium, located in Bronx, New York. If you’re a Yankees fan, here’s good news, this Independence Day New York Yankees will be playing against the Tampa Bay Rays. The better place for kids who are a diehard baseball fans. Surprise your kids by booking a ticket for this game, ticket starts from $17. Yankees Stadium tour is offered year around, the guide has great knowledge about the stadium, Yankees museum has baseballs autographed by famous players. The tour costs about $ 25 for adults and $ 23 for children under 14, free for 3 years and younger. Kids can grab any goodies from the Yankees store.

New York Tour

Independence Day celebration has major events like Macy’s firework display, concerts, cruises and many more. But apart from the fireworks, concerts there are many more attraction that New Yorkers and tourists can plan to visit on July 4th. New York is a city that never sleeps and experiencing it on the most patriotic day of the year can be a great experience.

Parks in New York offer several family-friendly activities. Independence Day celebration with fireworks takes place in many parks like Staten Island Park, Prospect Park and Liberty state park a new spot to witness the Macy’s fireworks. And of course, the Brooklyn Bridge Park that is going to be the background when Macy’s firework ignites the sky. If you have no other plans on Independence Day plan your visit to park and keep yourself, and the kids entertained.

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