15 Top Places to Celebrate Kid's Birthdays in Manhattan - Kid 101

15 Top Places to Celebrate Kid’s Birthdays in Manhattan

1. Allen Batista International

Allen Batista

450 Lexington Ave, #1346, NY Skyport Marina, NY

There are precious few things that capture children’s imaginations the way that a skilled magician does. You’re in for a mind-bending and thrilling experience as this master magician spins his tricky web of deception with sleight of hand and feats that are sure to astonish your spellbound tykes. This crafty show boat ride offers beautiful views of the waterway for the adult crowd, that is if you can peel your eyes away from the show. Lunch is included with your tickets, which is a bonus if you’re looking to fill hungry mouths during your excursion. Tickets can be purchased for $85.00, but frequently have half off deals through Groupon.

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