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15 Toys Even Santa Won’t Be Able To Find – Shop Early

Various stores have posted their top ten toys for the 2017 season and these are the ones that are set to sell out super fast, as they’ll be on most kids’ wish lists. Beware, kids won’t be fobbed off with a lookalike – talk about being brand conscious – unless they are under two years of age, where the wrapping will be just as exciting as the toy! The cheapest options are likely to sell out soon – we have given a couple of store options, but if they are out of stock also check out the independent and smaller toy stores.

PAW Patrol Sea Patroller

The toy is fairly large and will have kids engaged with the flashing lights, operating the crane, using the drop-down wheels to change from a seagoing vessel to a land vessel-be aware that it’s not meant for playing in the bath or in water although it looks like a boat – and engaging in various missions for the PAW Patrol crew. The toy comes with Ryder and Baby Octopus, but you can buy various add-on figures. It may be a good plan for various family members to buy the add-on figures to the main present – there is room aboard for all the crew.

Batteries: 3 LR44 button cell batteries (included).

Ages: 3 upwards.

Cost: Amazon $44.44 (free shipping) limited stock, Toys R Us $49.99 (free shipping), Barnes and Noble $59.99 (free shipping), Walmart currently don’t have any in stock.


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