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15 Zoos and Aquariums in Houston

The city of Houston offers endless attractions that appeal to adults and children alike. The Fun-filled, adventurous and educational Zoos and Aquariums among many other action-packed places, definitely steal everyones hearts.

Houston Zoo, Houston

Set in a lush tropical landscape, the Houston Zoo takes you on an amazing live animal adventure. Founded in 1922, this beautiful zoo is home to more than 800 exotic species.

The adventurous journey begins with the tour of The African Forest which almost takes you to Africa without a passport. From tiny huts to Chimpanzees, from Giraffes to Rhinos and Zebras, you’d see everything here.

The McNair Asian Elephant Habitat is a cool, close-to-nature habitat where you could see the elephants splashing around and playing in their huge pool.

Houston Zoo has also opened a lovely aviary for African-native Shoebill Storks which can be clearly viewed by the visitors from the sides of the exhibit’s space.

There’s no better feeling than getting nose-to-nose with some of the world’s most endangered animals during the journey through Natural Encounters. Houston zoo is a must visit, family-orientated place and is highly recommended.

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