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16 Best Parks to visit with Family this year in New York City

 Central Park

Okay, a bit obvious, but is no coincidence 25 million visit Central Park each year. 843 acres of breathtaking views have made this spot the most popular film location in the world.

For the little ones the attractions are endless: immense trees, different sports courts, paddleboat rentals, ice skating rinks, outdoor pools and 21 playgrounds! Including the famous “Diana Ross” playground, which was built out of Mrs. Supreme own pocket. A zoo and an Aquarium are also inside the park. If you have a weak spot for the Beatles, like we do, present your respects to John Lennon at the Strawberry Fields emblematic mosaic, adjacent to the Dakota Building, where Lennon was fatally shot. The “Imagine” square receives dozens of flowers daily.

The park has bathrooms, eateries and every facility needed. One day will not suffice to cover it; it is definitely a must! The visit will be worth it, even if you only take a family selfie in the quintessential Bethesda Fountain.


A map is recommended prior to set foot on the park

5 Av to Central Park W, 59 St to 110 St, Manhattan

For further info, coming events etc. visit the park’s website: https://www.centralpark.com/ or Call its Information Line (212) 360-3444

The park is open to the public 24/7 and it has no Fees.

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